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DIY hay net feeders save you money


We sell custom cut hay nets for DIY projects

Slow feeding with hay nets is proving to be the most economical and beneficial way to feed hay to horses.

Slowing hay consumption down help's your horse's digestive health.

Slowing the rate of hay consumption also help's to keep your horse busy all day & night.

Slow feed hay nets will pay for themselves by reducing the amount of hay wasted to almost zero.

No wasted hay also means easy Spring clean up in your paddocks or pastures.

Big or small, we can custom cut the size hay net you need for your DIY slow feed hay feeders.

All of our hay netting is commercial grade UV coated nylon.


Broken stock tanks can make excellent slow feed hay feeders

Old, broken stock tanks make great hay feeders

We can help you turn an old, broken stock tank into a valuable, slow feed hay feeder with our DIY kits.

DIY kits are available for 100, 150, and 300 gallon stock tanks.


You can replace time consuming hay bags with quick, easy to fill hay feeders

DIY means you build it the way you want it.  

We have the netting to help you turn your DIY hay feeder from a thought into a reality.

Does your netting fit your bales?

If your netting is too tight over your hay, you may be encouraging the horses to bite at the net.  

This may increase the risk of gum irritation or getting teeth caught in the netting.  Not to mention potential damage to the netting. 

We can make netting to fit properly over any size round bale. 

Properly fitted net over a bale

Notice how the horses are using their noses to manipulate the netting so they can grab the hay with their lips.  

The loosely fitted net means little to no teeth contact with the netting.

Hinged DIY HDPE Feeder

Our newest DIY hay feeder project.  Adding hinges and lockable clasps make this feeder quick and easy to refill with hay.  

Made from indestructible HDPE plastic, this feeder should last for years. 


We repurposed an auto shut off pump nozzle for the water hose.  

The auto shut off feature is great to prevent over filling.  Especially when you set the hose in a large stock tank or water cart.

Available at diynets.net for just $39.99 plus shipping and handling.

RB820435 DIY Round Bale Net

Here's Chris showing how long it takes to put our DIY round bale net over a round bale.  We cinched the top of the net closed.  For the bottom I used 3/4" electrical PVC conduit to form a frame.  

The feeder is an old 500 gallon stock tank.

OUR diy338hf Big Bale Feeder

Here's Chris talking about our new big bale feeder for 3'x3'x8' bales.

The DIY338HF DIY kit is now available for purchase.  

How to use our DIY338HF Big Bale Feeder

Getting a large square bale ready to feed is quick and easy with our big bale feeder.

We offer two different DIY kits for this feeder in our online store. 

4548RTU Hay Feeder

Collapsible shipping crates make great hay feeders.  They're extremely durable, hold several small bales or 7-8 flakes from large square bales.

We sell these as ready to use feeders or if you have your own, we can assist you with a DIY kit for the netting and frame. 

We've used 5 of these feeders now for over a year.  Other than a few minor net frame repairs which were quick and easy to repair, these feeders have more than paid for themselves in hay savings. 

Adding Hay to a 150 gallon feeder

Here's Chris adding more hay to one of our 150 gallon stock tanks which was converted to a net feeder.

The RM150HF kit for this this tank has been updated to use eyebolts and spring clips to hold the net frame in place.  

Adding hay to our PVCSFB Stall Feeder

Here's Chris showing how long it takes to add hay to one of our PVCSFB stall feeders.  

With 18 stalls in the barn, we think these feeders are much quicker and easier to fill vs traditional hay bags or nets.

The DIY kit comes with two bungees, however most horses only need one to hold the feeder closed.

Filling Hay Feeders the easy way

Here's a couple of stall feeders using PEX tubing as a frame for the net.  One of the things I try and design into our DIY feeders is ease of use for refilling with hay.  Chris shows how easy it is to fill this feeder.  

This is a full size version of our Mini Pexnet feeder.

As a side note, it's nice seeing the foal learn to eat from the net at an early age.

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Order and Delivery Lead Times

We'd like to Thank Everyone for their order, patience, and understanding for any delays in receiving their ordered items during our launch.  We appreciate and value your business as well as your trust in us.

Current delivery time for custom cut nets is approximately 5-7 working days.

DIY round bale nets that require sewing is approximately 7-10 working days.

PVCSF Kits are currently 10-14 days due to current demand.  We hope to be able to decrease the lead time to 3-5 days by late January.

Warranty and Return Policy

Because of the destructive nature of some horses, we can not offer a warranty for damage caused by your horse.

After you've received your DIY kit, if you're disappointed in any way, call us  at 815-703-2870 within 10 days and we'll instruct you on how to return it for a full refund.

Sorry, custom cut nets are not returnable unless all of the following are true:

1. You've had direct communication with us via FB, messenger, text or telephone prior     to ordering.

2.  The net size  we recommended does not fit your existing feeder or round bale.

3.  The netting has not been used or altered. 

The netting may be returned for a full credit towards purchase of correctly sized netting with an authorization code from DIY Slow Feed Hay Feeders.  A credit for return shipping will be given on the new order.  The new order will be placed upon receipt of the returned netting.


The owners and/or employees of DIY Slow Feed Hay Feeders are not responsible for any injury or damage of any kind as a result of the use of our nets or DIY products.